Ask me anything   My life is a jumble of embaressing moments that have brought me to where I am today.
Some fun facts: All my friends and the Love of my life call me Mogli and tease me about being "raised by wolves". Because apparently growing up with Hippie parents, in a small town on the "Lost Coast" makes me a savage. While trying to attend College during my stay in New Orleans, I got swept off my feet, and traded it in for an apartment in Hopkinsville, Ky. I spend my days taking care of a Spazzy little Jack Russell, being a "Domestic Housewife" and Scrapbooking. But as soon as I step out the door, Life trips me with awkward speedbumps, fills my mouth with all the wrong things and all I can do to save my ass is bat my pretty ol'eyes. And so it begins, an online record that will forever be here, of all the moments, treasures and thoughts that make my life so Amazing <3
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Kentucky sunrise&lt;3

Kentucky sunrise<3

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